Yoga, Meditation, Wim Hof Breathing and Cold exposure session – Sunday 25th April 2021

Sunday 25th April 2021

From a grey, windy, cloudy beginning to a sunny, warm ending with many happy faces.

On this day we organized a Yoga, Meditation, Wim Hof Breathing and Cold exposure session. The latter word “session” doesn’t make it just anymore after the has day passed, since it looked & felt more like a group ceremony to celebrate life, health, and (inner)strength, and (new) friendship.

We were a perfectly balanced group of 12 people, 6 women and 6 men.
We gathered together around 10’o clock in the morning at a beautiful spot in Arnhem/near Elst.

I gave a short introduction to the days schedule & a warm welcoming to everyone.

We started with a short jog to get everyone warmed up.
Afterwards I handed everything over to Roxanne and Danchelo.
We sat in a circle, set our intentions for the day, and did a short meditation.
Roxanne brought a deck of Tarot cards and passed it around. She then drew a card that was supposed to bring a message and show our group intention. The card was “Lifting the veil” (see photo).
Everyone started to laugh since we all knew already what it was about and how perfect it was for the day. Moments of synchronicity like these were too many to keep track of.

Danchelo then provided us with a relaxing Yin Yoga flow to unblock any tension & connect us to our essence. I went around the group to provide everyone with a drop of Essential oil to smell. This brought an entire experience to itself, as these Essential oils are powerful, effective, and may have a quick effect within minutes on your physiology & psyche.

We then sat or laid down in a comfortable position to do 3 rounds of guided Wim Hof breathing, guided by the legend Wim Hof himself (recording). Following this we performed a 10min horse stance to get everyone fired up for the next & final challenge. During the breathing & horse stance, the clouds slowly started to go away & the sun came out to provide us with energy & warmth.

After the 10min mark everyone, yes everyone, went in the water!
Some still scared or hesitant, but through the entire group effort we all went into the chilly water. Everyone followed their own intuition & challenged themselves against themselves, as this moment is not about competing against each other but to challenge one’s self.

We then had a moment to drink a warm tea brew (for everyone supposedly super special & tasty).
To end the ceremony, we sat back in a circle to give thanks for everyone’s energy & presence, to thank the beautiful nature around us, whom protected us the entire time.

The next group ceremony will be held on Sunday the 23rd of May 2021

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Will we see each other on the 23rd of May?

Thanks for reading & I hope it was worth your time.
With much love & gratitude,