30th April 2019

As the days pass by and close-in on the birth of my daughter I wonder and think about many things that make us humans. An overpowering sense of excitement, happiness, and love rushes through my body to know what tomorrow may bring.

However, as a soon-to-be-father I worry about the future environment my wife & daughter are going to be in. My direct instinct is “what action can I personally do to make that environment as optimal as possible for not only her to thrive but all the people around her”.

This post might serve such a purpose.

This isn’t about pointing fingers. It’s not about painting everything black, it only becomes so if you decide for it to be so.

It’s one of many topics I hope to share with anyone who’s reading this.

Since I wrote my “profielwerkstuk, pws, or school research project”, nothing has changed much in the last 10 years when it comes to big corporations (of course this has been for much longer before my lifetime). The title was “de relatie tussen voeding & kanker (the relationship between food and cancer)”. At that time I didn’t know how complex this challenge I embarked on would be. Then, only 16, I already “knew of this”.

This is article/post is about the production of the food we choose to buy and consume. And also the way we think about certain companies & organizations. Have you followed any news regarding Monsanto (chemical company) & Bayer (Pharmaceutical company)? If not, in my opinion, you should at least be aware. It’s a funny thing to see a company, as stated by Zach Bush MD, “willing to poison but wants not to be poisoned”. Now sold by Bayer as a chemical worldwide but it’s use banned in its own country, Germany.

In short, Monsanto is a company that was originally (and always was) a chemical company wanting to sell its chemicals (herbicides&pesticides) and own most of the world’s crops. One of those chemicals is glyphosate, “a.k.a. Roundup”. Without the need of rigorous independent scientific studies to assess its toxicity, it was and still is sprayed in mass amounts in most countries (for the people in NL, it’s use is allowed until 2022). It has now been proven scientifically, as a fact, that this chemical is causing the development of a myriad of diseases. The beautiful thing about this chemical is that biochemically it’s water-soluble. So where can you find water? Don’t have to answer that. Only that it is in the rivers, food, drinking water, (most) beer, RAIN, etc.

Now, why write about this? It’s something I personally can’t do much about or have any “close-contact” with..right? I realized these effects are felt closer than I thought. These so-called “groupies of sick-&-greedy-minded people” who have pretty much “forced” farming families out of the country due to their control & power. One of those families happens to be mine. Where 5 generations of farming for a company (I won’t name), are left only with the choice to either stop with the passion they have for farming or leave the country to farm elsewhere and sell off the land that was once owned by my grandpa’s grandma. The latter happened. Where after so many years of service to feeding people, a (now) globally known company gave my family a letter and a “small-cheap-toy-milk-jug” saying “thanks for your service”. No money or help of any kind from these companies when my family decided to leave the Netherlands.

These large companies who sell the farmer’s product set the rules and regulations. As with many companies, they are only focused on earning as much as possible. Of course, there is nothing necessarily wrong with this focus. It only becomes a potential problem when they are selling products that directly affect our health & well-being in a detrimental way. Where they only care about selling their product and a much lesser extent the quality & content of the product. Which surprisingly most don’t really care or even bother to think about that. In a way, you can’t develop resentment towards them for “them not knowing something you know”.

What saddens me is the pressure, hate & bullying these farmers get from people and the media. Not knowing what truly happens within the system.

If I would give one group of people my utmost respect, for the superhuman hard work they do and in turn offer the true gold from mother nature to nurture us, I would say the FARMERS. They are our true BANKS (of our future) and deserve our support, respect & help.

As another day passes and another comes about, you & I, as consumers and people of the (modern)world, are left with one MAJOR TOOL OF STRENGTH in overcoming these “problems”, and that is the “ability to be aware of our decisions & behaviors (what you buy and consume) that impact their earnings”. Then they will have to adapt no matter their ethics.

This example is only one of many “societal-puzzles”.

To shortly introduce them: soft-drinks (sugary foods & beverages #ournewcigarette), whole food plant-based diet, the “overuse” of antibiotics, pain medications, treatment of chronic diseases, depression, (il)legal drugs (incl. marihuana) and many more.

I sincerely hope that history doesn’t repeat itself. For many years researchers have warned against the use of these chemicals, but all were ignored and ridiculed. The awareness created was mainly possible due to our modern technology to be transmitted with great speed across the world and implemented in “higher-consciousness”.

The problem with understanding the factors that cause and play a role in the development of a disease is that it’s so utterly complex. Sometimes it requires a researcher to master all branches in science, including physical and biological sciences. This is usually only possible when scientists work together. Then for a finding to be called “scientifically proven”, it has to be proven many times over independently. Thus requiring a lot of time, the right technology/analysis, and more importantly of course MONEY. Once proven, one has to implement this in the current on-going system. And the latter factor of implementation can take well over 10 years in some instances. In other words… enjoy waiting & counting the years.

A quick take away from this is… “A human doesn’t necessarily develop cancer after smoking cigarettes for 10 years.”

Of course, some might think this is some sort of “conspiracy” or “fake-news” if so, enlighten me. If I’ve said something incorrect or improper, please tell me, so that we can learn to think/know otherwise, together with our egos aside.

Many of us (me included) think or have thought ONLY negative of “big corporations & organizations” (+maybe the world is against you? or it’s US vs. the imaginary “THEM”). To keep such thought in mind not only causes yourself to become depressed, but it also abolishes the opportunity for YOU to have hope in those big corporations & organizations that DO have a positive outlook & goal. These include ALL groups & organizations-a-like including chemical- & pharmaceutical companies, schoolteachers, religion, sports, etc. Simply said, something usually starts with good intention and can POTENTIALLY be steered in the opposite direction.

As stated in the beginning, one might worry or fear the future, nonetheless both past and future do not exist. It only exists in the mind of the one experiencing “life”. Thus, if one suffers from the past or future, one suffers from memory and imagination.

With much love, I wish you an amazing day!




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